How to choose the best-selling phone cases for the market?

Whether you are a wholesaler or a retailer, are you still annoyed about not finding the best-selling phone case? Is there a lot of inventory in your warehouse that can’t be sold? Have you ever thought of becoming a businessman who have the largest market share? GK-CASE, as China’s advanced mobile phone case supplier, will answer your questions and help you how to sell better and provide the best serve for you. We will start from the gender of the customer, in terms of color and pattern, to elaborate on how to find the best-selling mobile phone case!


Color Trend

According to online market research, blue, green and black are the colors that are loved by men, while women’s favorite colors are blue, purple and green. In combination with our company’s many years of orders, we recommend that you buy black, dark blue, gray, green, gold, silver or fully transparent when purchasing male-style monochrome mobile phone cases.When purchasing a female monochrome phone case, you can choose light blue, purple, green, pink, rose gold and white.
However, the popular colors will change according to different time. In order to get the favor of consumers, unchanging will only go downhill. We must learn to predict what color will be popular next and walk in front of the market.

The same industry perspective:

Follow the new trend of the industry’s big brands, such as Apple’s rose gold in the iPhone 6 series in 2015 has opened a new trend, this year’s new iPhone11 series, which dark night green will cause a new whirlwind.

Different industry perspectives:

Focus on color trends in the beauty, art and other industries, such as popular eye shadow colors, clothing color trends, etc., such as fluorescent colors are very popular, stylish, high-profile.




  • Colors are easier to choose, but there are thousands of patterns. How do you choose as a buyer? Of course, the choice of pattern is important and needs to be classified.


Male Patterned phone case

We recommend patterns for cars, motorcycles, basketball football and animals. If you have authorization of anime cartoons, movies, such as Disney, Marvel, One Piece, etc., you can also choose, these are the most popular products in the male market.



Female Patterned phone case

Butterfly, Eiffel Tower, Datura flower, unicorn, flamingo, marble, owl, bright and elegant patterns. One more thing to note is whether the religious color of the market you sell is strong, and if so, you can also choose some mobile phone cases with religious elements.


  • If I am a buyer, before I choose a pattern, my biggest doubt is whether this pattern will sell well, or do the competitor choose the same pattern as me in the local market? Then this is the same as you are asking, how to find or create popular patterns?

1.Design by yourselves

We highly recommend this approach. You can use web tools such as Google, Instagram, and Pinterest to select the right elements to modify and innovate. This way, your products will be unique, competitive and expressiveness in the market.

2. Refer to the design elements of trendy brands or luxury goods

For example, Superme, off-white, LV, Chanel, etc., of course, is a reference rather than a plagiarism.

3. Let the supplier handle

If you are not good at designing, you can tell your suppliers about your ideas, such as GK-CASE, and let them design for you.

4. Watch out for major festivals and events

Don’t miss out on major national or regional festivals every year, such as Christmas, Easter, Independence Day, and exciting events such as the World Cup, the Olympics, and the NBA. It is necessary to know that the poster of the 2022 Qatar World Cup has been announced.

5.Star Style

Star style can not be ignored, many trend items are popular because of the use of stars, such as the famous local singers, actors and football stars.

6. Local representative cultural elements

For example, tribal masks in South American culture, skull skulls, British-style high hats, American Statue of Liberty, and so on.

7. The latest movies and animations

The “Clown”, which is going to be released in October, has received rave reviews before it has been released to the cinema, and will definitely lead to a new round of DC fever season.

8. Browse the fashion trend forecast website and so on.

9. Use the website to view sales rankings
In this website, you can choose the results of each product ranking in different countries to better select the appropriate pattern in your market.


I believe that you have seen this, and you have a certain understanding of how to choose colors and patterns. I hope that as a buyer, you can choose the best-selling products that are suitable for your market, there will be no inventory, and even become the industry leader. In fact, this is equal to the principle of fireworks. When everything is ready, the goods will become hot. Another article we are about to launch is about how to choose the material and process of the phone case. Don’t miss it if you are interested.
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